We have 3 display cases at the entrance that shows the history of some of the most popular toys. Some history dating back 1000 or more years.
1 case has Jim's first model he built in 1950. A 1911 Rolls Royce model issued by Revell Models. Some of the other models in the case are Life Like and Hudson Miniatures. 

There are several displays of Jim's main collection of Studebaker toys and models.
There are over 900 in this collection.

The pedal cars and other ride-on's are Jim's collection. Some restored and others as he found them.
The two 1940's Pontiacs, sedan and ladder car are representative of the ones Jim and his brother Richard had in the early 1940's. 

Another collection here is Sandy's (Jim's wife) collection of around 200 Construction toys of all sizes. Sandy started collecting these toys when she was getting them for the grandchildren.

 Most of the dolls, doll accessories and trains were donated to the museum.

 We have other toys that were donated and we will take donations of toys or loan from 1980 or earlier. We also have a children's play area for hands on with old toys.